Watch Reporter Scold Vice President Over Shutdown

Credit News Busters

Panic time!

Look at this petulant little snob! Today on Good Morning America, the network’s White House correspondent Jonathan Karl sat down with Vice President Mike Pence to grill him about President Trump not backing down on the border wall. The goof ball laid blame for the government shutdown exclusively on President Trump. 

Never mind the fact that Despite Democrats are unwilling to budge on funding for border security, the ABC asshat reporter seethed to Pence that it was Trump’s fault that we were “in this mess.”

Maybe VP Pence should have met with Anderson Cooper, who threw nothing but softballs at Alexandria Ocasio Cortez on 60 Minuets.

Jonathan Karl is just the latest reporter to show his bias and disrespect for the office. WATCH as Vice President Pence deals with this child.

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