Democrats Want To Keep Blackface & Klan Robes ‘Safe, Legal and Rare’

Tucker Carlson's reaction to the recent Gov. Ralph Northam’s (D-VA) KKK / Black escapades was Brutal and down right BRILLIANT!

“As of right now, a number of prominent Democrats — Kamala Harris among them — have called for Northam’s resignation over this,” Carlson said. “But there are many in his party, particularly in Virginia, who are standing by him. Those Democrats personally oppose blackface as a matter of conscience. But they don’t want them relegated to some back alley. They want blackface and Klan robes to be safe, legal and rare — a private matter between a politician and his donors. For now, Governor Northam will be kept comfortable. You can be certain of that. He’ll be resuscitated if that is what his party desires.”

Wow! I can name several people recently who are less important than a GOVERNOR that have had their lives and careers ruined for less. If the Democrats don't call for this mans resignation immediately it will show they are ALL hypocrites!

The truth is, Northam brought negative attention to the Dem's abortion Agenda ,so now he is set up to be thrown under the bus and divert attention away from themselves.

Get your popcorn! This is going to be fun to watch!


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