Entitled Millionaire NBA Stars Speak Out On Racism For Black History Month

If you are a millionaire athlete and say stupid, racist shiggity, should you be respected? If you have talent that allows you to get paid a crazy amount of money and affords you the privilege to live anywhere and any way you want, should you continue to drink from ‘da hood’ cup of sorrows? Sure you can, but then shut the fudge up when people respond negatively!

Black Liberals love to whine and complain! However, they are never, NEVER to blame! Please! With great power comes great responsibility and many of these athletes are simply buying into and perpetuating isms that simply don’t exist! Here you are living the dream but telling the aspiring ones it’s a racist nightmare!

These fools are acting like it’s 1953 and they are Jackie Robinson struggling for respect in their field. Negro please! Most of us never truly knew what Jackie Robinson went through until the movie came out, but we somehow magically know all of your struggles? Are you being snuck in the back door of hotels and restaurants, or is your struggle to get your reservation at 7:00 rather than 9:00?

This is what happens when “African American” group think, and the victim mentality are valued more than individualism and integrity.

Here is the what you won’t be told: None of this would be possible without the complicit mainstream media. I will agree with this: the media plays into this bull-shiggity and perpetuates it. That is the elephant in the room. 

 Field Negros? Big House? REALLY?!?!

Replace the word field with sports and big house with camera whores. Now you’re talking real talk. 


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