Watch Former Attorney General Eric Holder Say America Was Never Great

Former attorney general Eric Holder said that America has never been "great," on MSNBC'sThe Beat.

Holder's comment came in response to a question from host Ari Melber about how it was possible to call America a "leader as a democracy" during the 1800s when women and African-Americans could not vote.

America has never been a democracy. But I digress…

"When I hear these things about ‘Let's make America great again,' I think to myself: ‘Exactly when did you think America was great?'" Holder then pointed to instances in the United States past when he said America was not "great."

Well now, Eric Holder is an ass hat and doesn’t know our history. Make America great Again is not only a great campaign slogan but it’s also a wonderful teaching opportunity. Mr. Holder time for a Constitutional Conversation.


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