University Of Arizona Campus Radicals Target Border Patrol Agent

Border Patrol agents are under attack. Everything they say, everything they do is under scrutiny and criticized.

Ask Art del Cueto, he is the latest target of the radicals.

The abuse of Border Patrol agents at the hands of radicals made headlines recently when they were essentially chased off the University of Arizona campus. They were there by invite on career day!

Think about that?

Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall’s dropped misdemeanor charges that had been filed against the three students who were involved in harassing and stalking the two Border Patrol agents who were visiting the campus.

Meanwhile the government is scrambling to find agents. They are offering incentives to agents to stay in the thankless job and they can't fill the openings they have. Would you take the job knowing that you would have a target on you at all times? Would you take the job knowing that you would be demonized on day one?

It all part of the plan, folks. It makes sense that the radicals want to marginalize the agents. The fewer agents there are the more open the border.

Given the fact that these students have the resources to conduct all out warfare on an individual agent, it is not too hard to imagine that they are getting help from deep pockets. #resist



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