Obama Was Bad For The Soul Of America. Not Trump.

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

Never Trumpers are still sticking to their guns when it comes to bashing the President despite what positive things are happening in the country under his leadership.

If anyone is to be considered as "bad for the soul of America" it is the guy who helped tear the foundation of what our country was for 8 years and fundamentally brought fleeting hope and change in our pockets. That was Barack Obama in a nutshell.

Trump has been good for the Republican Party who always chose pandering rather than policy and who never really challenged the Democrats rolling over them on perception vs reality.

You may not like the man or the way he conducts his business but he gets what needs to get done and takes no prisoners and fights with the gloves off when it comes to going to bat for the United States domestically and across the world.

Trump brought courage and leadership to a party that was comfortable taking the "leading from behind" model. That is not leadership. That is what was bad for America.

Keeping America Great should be easy. Stopping all the pointless investigations and actually working towards more growth and success will be the real challenge.

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