Trump Is Fed Up With The Investigations

Courtesy of Grabien and MSNBC

The Trump administration has been under attack since inauguration day. The Hillary supporters never accepted the results. Hillary did not accept the results. The Democrat Party vowed to never accept the fact that the biggest political upset in American history took place. They also refuse to accept anything good this President has done.

So what has the response been to Trump becoming the President?

Unfortunately it has consisted of investigations and proceedings that are endless grinding and pointless.

Instead of actually working to accomplish goals for the American people the Democrats have taken on the task of making sure nothing gets done because they hate Trump more than they love the American people.

Trump really does want to get work done and he is willing to work with both sides to do it.

But until the Democrats and the Never Trumpers get on board with his leadership the American people will suffer as a whole. Elections have consequences and perhaps 2018 is a lesson of what not to do!

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