The Slavery Reparations Bill Must Come Into Existence...Just Chill!

Courtesy of Grabien and CSPAN3

If you are an American of African descent and you feel as if a slavery reparations bill is inappropriate and not a meaningful and helpful way of combating the wrongs of need to just chill man.

This is the thinking of the Left and those in favor of paying back the injustice of slavery and utilizing white guilt to pay back for sins of their forefathers.

Coleman Hughes hit the message right on the nose saying that if a slavery reparations bill goes into effect you are directly making those in favor of and opposed to said bill the victims with a similar kind of mentality.

The cup of sorrows that is still being poured all these years later is still trying to establish that white guilt will triumph and that going back to the well of using this argument will further demonstrate how this country still has a lot of work to move on from the constant notion that people are "owed" something.

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