The Collusion Is With Russia And The Democrats.

Courtesy of Grabien and CSPAN3

The Mueller Report has been without a doubt one of the biggest wastes of time we have ever gone through as a country. The claims of collusion and obstruction and tampering between Russia and Donald Trump have been the battle cry from the Left for over two years.

They have been seeking their pound of flesh and they were determined to get it by any means necessary. The Mueller Report was released and nothing came of it. No collusion. No obstruction. The case was over.

But the Left demanded that the FULL Mueller Report be released. Never mind the fact that the Starr Report can with redactions but the Left was fine with it because it was dealing with "their" President Bill Clinton.

Mueller being called to answer for his report was the last ditch effort by the Left to try and catch Mueller in an oversight or a mistake or an outright lie in front of the world to get their foot back in the door to attack Donald Trump.

At the end of the day the proof has always been that collusion and obstruction have been present between the Democrats and Russia and NOT with Donald Trump.

The country is ready to move on from this saga and start actually achieving what they were elected to do---the will of the people!

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