Captured. Couple Who Escaped Back In Custody.

Blane and Susan Barksdale are back in custody after they escaped from a prison transport van two weeks ago. They were caught near Roosevelt Lake near the Tonto basin two weeks after they overpowered guards in Utah. Then, the Barksdales were being transported from New York to Tucson to face murder charges. Police believe they killed a 72-year old man there. The pair was initially caught in New York. A private company was hired to transport them from there to Arizona.

The married couple was able to escape after Susan pretended to be sick. Because of her acting job, the guards pulled the van over. Once the back doors of the van were opened the Barkesdales rushed the guards and took control, eventually tying them up and fleeing to Arizona. In Vernon they couple met up with a friend who let them use his truck.

The truck was a GMC Sierra. The license plate number was seen on electronic signs along Valley freeways. More details about how police were able to track the couple to the Tonto Basin are expected later this morning.

US Marshals, the Gila River County Sheriff's Office and the Navajo County Sheriff's Office all assisted in re-arresting both Blane and Susan. They will be taken to Tucson to face charges.

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