The Trump Kingsman Parody Has The Left Going Crazy

Courtesy of The GeekzTeam

This is not the first nor will it be the last time that a parody of movie or TV clips with superimposed faces depicting the acts in the movie or TV clips they are portrayed in will be used in popular culture.

But this time it is different isn't it?

President Donald Trump is shown killing people in a church and "destroying Fake News" in a graphic manner that is not appropriate or becoming of a President.

If you look across the internet there are THOUSANDS of parody videos that do as much or more when it comes to violence in a PARODY.

But no one is calling those out because those do not involve President Trump appearing to be killing the mainstream media in a violent manner.

The internet can be a scary place for anyone but to call this "egregious" or "over the line" is simply catering towards Trump hate and an overall lack of understanding in the world or our culture today.

This is the Left making a mountain out of a molehill yet again.

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