Donald Trump Is Not Globally Hated Despite What You Are Told

Ever wondered why the media in this country portray President Donald Trump as a bad guy? They do this because the narrative they want to spin is that not only is President Trump an unqualified leader but that he is not respected around the world. They believe we are laughed at because Donald Trump is our President.

The Trump went to India and packed a stadium filled with over 100,000 people in it. They were not there to protest. They were there to welcome him with open arms because they respect him on the global stage as a world leader.

This is the guy that says, "America First" yet is loved worldwide.

Do those people think Donald Trump is a racist by showing their support? No they see him as a leader who is good for his country and for the world.

Has the narrative changed yet on President Trump? Probably not. But maybe this should demonstrate why it should.

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