The Media Wants To Filter Your Coronavirus News

Coronavirus has made not just national news but global news for the amount of cases and outbreaks happening all over.

Obtaining the news for everyone at some level is important to be informed about what is going on. The NEWS is supposed to factually bring about said news and INFORM the people what is going on.

Today however the NEWS decides that news now has OPINION attached to it rather than giving just the facts.

As an example of what the media is giving you here is what they want you to hear and see when it comes to news on Coronavirus.

Courtesy of CBS This Morning

That is news covered in bias and scare tactics.

Then when the President of the United States brings an NIH official on to speak about the Coronavirus CNN decides that a Bloomberg Town Hall is more important!?

This is why many in the NEWS field are not taken as the arbiters of information and truth as they want to appear to be.

You cannot have it both ways! You either want to inform the public or you want to tell them how to process your news.

It is NOT your job to control the news---it is your job to report the FACTS.

That has been lost and it must be found again if anything productive is to be done going forward.

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