This Is Who The Democrat Party Is Consolidating For!?

Tom Steyer, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar have now all backed out of the 2020 race for the Presidency on the United States of America.

They all may have had different reasons to drop out but the common theme seems to be the rallying cry that the party supposedly wants to do.

They believe that the fun and games are over when it comes to Bernie Sanders. He was a nice novelty in the corner of the room for a long time. Then 2016 happened and their election had to be rigged to help Hillary Clinton defeat him for the nomination.

Now here we are in 2020 and it is happening all over again. Bernie is gaining traction. He must be stopped!

So now three candidates have dropped out and a certain candidate had a big win in South Carolina. The party whether by design or not has decided that Joe Biden is the best choice for the party and to defeat Donald Trump.

What world does that even make sense? You want to put the gaffe machine known as Joe Biden go up against Donald Trump on a debate stage? Do they want another repeat of 2016?

The reality is that the Democrat Party is very lost right now and has been for quite some time.

Just like Biden who bumbles and stumbles his way across the country the Democrat Party has a lot of soul searching to do.

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