Bloomberg Wants Armed Security But Also Wants Your Guns

Michael Bloomberg sees himself for more than just the rich and powerful man that he is. He sees himself as the answer to all the problems Donald Trump has caused. He views himself as the similar polarizing change that Trump was with the added bonus that he has "morals."

He conducted a Town Hall with Fox News to talk to the Fox audience and to potential voters through the primary process ahead of Super Tuesday. A question was asked about gun control and about him employing armed security to protect him at all times. His answer was not very endearing to the gentleman who asked it or to the American people.

Want to know why he wants armed security and why he wants to take your guns away?

He believes he is more important than you.

He believes that because he gets threats on a daily basis that he has the right to have people around him who have the right to bear arms. But that that same right does not apply to the average citizen like you and I.

No one wants to be looked down upon in any aspect of life. They particularly do not want to be looked down upon by a politician who is elected to represent those people.

Having armed security to protect you is not the issue. Safety and security do matter. The issue is that you want complete control over the right to bear arms while enjoying that privilege all to yourself. That is not only wrong but it is quite dangerous.\

The fact that Bloomberg decided to answer the question from his proverbial "high horse" is not the answer this country needs. Nor does it need people trying to take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens.

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