Democrats Believe Sexism Will Keep Female Candidates Out Of White House

The Democrat Party wants to claim that they are the party of inclusion and that everyone is welcome under their tent.

They also claim that they are the most diverse group of common idea thinkers ever in the history of this country.

However now the field has been narrowed down to two candidates, (sorry Tulsi---even though you are still in the race you really are not), and those two candidates are old rich white guys.

So now there are several former candidates including Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren who are clamoring that we live in a world full of sexism that cannot handle a woman being the President of this country.

Identity politics are once again covering up the failures of an entire system of beliefs.

It has nothing to do with the fact that a woman can't or won't be the President. It has everything to do with that fact that the right candidate has not presented herself yet. Is that in the realm of possibility?

The answer for Democrats is that if a woman runs for President we should just hand her the job because she is a woman right? That would be just like we handed the job to Barack Obama because he was Black right? People actually admitted that they voted for Obama because he was Black. That is not hyperbole or conjecture. That is fact.

There have been some very poor candidates put up on both sides of the aisle throughout the history of this country. How about these candidates look in the mirror and take the blame for running a bad campaign rather than blame everyone else for their shortcomings?

What a great idea! But that does not fit their playbook so it is not optimal for them to take any responsibility for anything. Typical Liberal excuses coming to the surface at every possible opportunity. Pathetic.

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