Cramer Wants Leadership To Take Charge During Market Downturn

As the Stock Market takes another turn down with concerns over Coronavirus Jim Cramer calmly addresses the situation as it needs to be handled. This is very concerning obviously. But it is not time to panic as many would tell you to do during this time in the stock market, overall health and well-being of all Americans.

Jim Cramer very bluntly suggests that it is time for leadership to step up and combat all vantage points of the issue. Yes this means President Donald Trump but it also means a collective group getting together and making whatever plan comes to fruition and make it a reality.

Panic in any form is dangerous to not only yourself but to those around you. It does not alleviate any situation you may find yourself in.

Take precautions where you can and take action where you must. But at the very least take the information presented to you and at the same time adjust and adapt. We will all get through this. Just make sure you get through this rationally and with the foresight to not be caught flat footed.

When smart people like Jim Cramer appear cool, calm and collective---you should listen intently.

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