Joe Biden Wants Your Guns. But He Wants To Keep His Guns.


Joe Biden making yet another blunder on the campaign trail. He really speaks for America doesn't he?

In the video above Joe Biden says he is not coming for your guns and he believes in the 2nd Amendment. Yet he passes off saying that he wants to take your guns while saying he enjoys having them himself... Joe Biden then said "Do you really need 100 rounds?"

He also uses the reference of shouting "fire" in a room not being free speech to make his point about guns.

The Democrats do not want you to keep your freedoms. They want to control you. What is a good way to do that? Make it easier for people to lose their rights slowly rather than all at once.

The slippery slope argument is that you don't need 100 rounds. Then you don't need 50 rounds. How about 10 rounds?

Then you have no need for the gun at all? Right?

People need to keep challenging people who want to take your 2nd Amendment from you by creating the narrative that you don't need something even though you can have it and it is a right for you to have it.

THIS is who the Democrats are backing! Not that it would be any better with Sanders or any of the rest of them but the point is that this kind of behavior is the norm when it comes to those who want massive gun reform.

And then Biden said the person who asked him the question was "full of sh**." So if Trump uses harsh language it is unbecoming of a President but when you say it you are taking a stand against your opposition.

You cannot have it both ways Democrats. Stay in your lane and just tell it like it is. You want our guns but you want to keep yours. Good luck with that idea...

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