WATCH: MSNBC Accuses Trump Of Lying About Virus Information

Courtesy of MSNBC

The coronavirus has a lot of people worried not only in this country but across the globe. New information is coming out all the time about the virus and what can be done to slow down and stop the spreading of it.

But leave it to Nicole Wallace and MSNBC to outright tell you on their show that they believe President Donald Trump is lying to you. In the video clip above they accuse President Trump of not telling facts so they will not air his press conferences and will not expose these mistruths to their audience.

So by doing this they are giving OPINION rather than FACT. They believe they are the arbiters of information and that this President cannot be trusted. Who said they were in charge?

The answer is that they DO believe they are in charge and that the President's words only mean something when it fits their agenda.

Really scary stuff coming from the media and blatant disregard for their job which is to REPORT news and NOT control what we think, how we think and why we think.

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