Single GOP Congressman Stops Coronavirus Relief Bill From Moving to Senate

House Judiciary Committee Debates Articles Of Impeachment Against President Trump

House Judiciary Committee Debates Articles Of Impeachment Against President Trump

The bipartisan coronavirus relief bill that was passed by the House of Representatives over the weekend is being held up by Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert, who is demanding time to review "technical corrections" that are being made to the bill.

The final wording of the package has not been finished, but House leadership wanted to pass it by unanimous consent because the House is on recess this week. Gohmert blocked the procedural move and said he wants to know precisely what changes are being made to the bill.

"We still do not have a final draft of the negotiated changes being called' technical corrections' and some of us believe that the newly worded laws should be finished before we pass them. #CoronaVirus," Gohmert wrote on Twitter.

He defended his decision and pointed out that the bill hasn't even been written, and many Senators are not in Washington, D.C.

"I'd like to know how I'm holding up a bill from going to the Senate that hasn't been written yet? Most Senators are not even back in D.C. yet. #FakeNews," he wrote in another tweet.

The bill includes numerous provisions to help people impacted by the global pandemic such as free coronavirus testing, two weeks of paid sick leave, and paid family and medical leave. It also provides money to states to help bolster their unemployment and food assistance programs.

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