Lori Lightfoot Blames Chicago Violence On COVID-19

Should we be surprised by anything the Left has to say when it comes to COVID-19?

They want to tell you how to handle the pandemic we are all suffering through. They want you to believe that we must shut everything down and wear masks and work together to get through this because "we are all in this together."

Then you hear that Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot blames the uptick in violence in her city on the shutdown that took place as a result of Government taking control and shutting down the economy for fear of a virus sweeping the nation and killing millions of people. They used fear and control to "ensure safety for all."

So now they regret doing it because of the ripple effect it caused? The last time anyone checked the violence in Chicago has been a perpetual problem for DECADES and has nothing to do with the shutdown caused by COVID-19. Does Mayor Lightfoot live in an alternate universe where all is well within her city when it comes to controlling the rampant violence? Perhaps not wanting to defund police amidst the Black Lives Matter movement might have been a reason for an uptick in violence on top of the original issue that is STILL not addressed on a yearly/monthly/weekly/daily basis!

This is once again another excuse to try and pass the blame on to someone other than the leadership in these cities that choose to do nothing while acting as if they are truly leading us through this crisis while blaming President Trump for trying to uplift and lead through action.

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