The Washington Redskins Are No More. What Are We Changing Next?

Courtesy of CNN

Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins, said years ago that he would "NEVER" change the name of the team and that he could be quoted on that claim as long as he owned the team.

It is 2020 and now that corporate sponsors have held Dan Snyder hostage to demand a name change the team will forever be altered after being called the Redskins for 87 years.

Is this activism at its finest? Mob rule deciding what is best? When will this end? If one person is offended we should all be offended right? Wrong.

This is yet again a slippery slope argument to change any and all names that people may find offensive. The Atlanta Braves have said they will not change their name but the Cleveland Indians are open to the idea. Several universities have changed their mascots from "racially divisive" names.

Stanford, Dartmouth, Siena, Louisiana-Monroe and Arkansas State all have dropped Indians as their mascot and changed it to something else between 1972 and 2008.

Eastern Michigan, St. John's (NY), Marquette, Miami (Ohio), Seattle University, and North Dakota have all dropped or changed their names as well while Illinois still uses Fighting Illini but simply dropped their mascot.

Will the calls for the Florida State Seminoles start up again? How about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish? The question must be asked again for everyone to ponder. If one person is offended should we all be offended?

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