Ducey: Treat Masks And Distancing As Patriotic Duties.

Governor Doug Ducey isn't making many changes in Arizona as the state continues to combat COVID19.

At a press conference, Ducey said, 'keep doing what you are doing, wear a mask, wash your hands, physically distance. If you take these on as Patriotic duties you will reduce the spread of this virus. you will protect people and livelihoods.'

Gyms will remain closed. So will bars. Ducey saying the numbers are headed in the proper direction, but more work needs to be done before we open up those businesses again.

On schools Ducey saying he will be working with education leaders around the state to determine if schools will be open for in-person learning. He did say, 'Arizona will be open for learning.' It's just a question of what that learning will look like.

There was one change announced during Ducey's press conference today. He signed an executive order delaying evictions until October 31st.

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