CDC Misinformation and the Mainstream Media's Lies About Masks!

Watch the lie, then read the truth!

I received this e-mail today from a physician who listens to The Conservative Circus. ( I checked him out and the Doc is legit.) I read the article he sent and watched the movie that was embedded in the e-mail. Make the time to read this and watch the movie. It will change the way you see Covid and hopefully it will change the way you treat yourself. In other words... Ditch the mask!

Good Morning James T.,

I heard you this morning on your show, and you are absolutely right in regards to the CDC misinformation or “lies” about masks.

I’m a family doctor who personally tests my patients for COVID-19 (I don’t send out my MAs to do it, I personally do it). I mask up and wear PPE as I collect nasopharyngeal samples. In my in-office laboratory I have a PCR machine that can run COVID-19 tests. I usually get my patients results back within about 2 to 3 hours. (I only test my new and established patients as I don’t have enough supplies to test the world) So I’m literally on the frontlines of this pandemic. (I don’t say any of this to boast or brag, just to let you know a little bit about my background.)

I’ve personally managed dozens of “true positive” COVID-19 cases in the outpatient setting. (Thank Heavens we have a 0% mortality rate!)

We’ve also had our fair share of “false positives” as well, which I can quickly determine whether or not someone is a true or false positive as I can repeat the testing quickly within 24 hours. An article in The New York Times a few weeks talked about these possible discrepancies in PCR testing. 

“Your Coronavirus Test Is Positive. Maybe It Shouldn’t Be.

What they report is exactly what I have also found in my practice. (Frankly, I’m surprised The Times actually published it, as it it shows a positive light in regards to the pandemic and the fact this virus is indeed over-diagnosed, as a good portion of the test are “false positives”). In my practice, every asymptotic patient who initially tested positive, eventually turned out to be a “False Positive.” 100% of the time. I have yet to find a “asymptomatic carrier” in my practice. 

If this is true universally, that there’s no such thing as an “asymptomatic carrier,” (or at least, if it did occur, it would be extremely rare), then the next question one should consider, “Is there even a need for mask wearing in the general population?”

The following video addresses this and most questions in regards to the facts about masks. Whether or not “asymptomatic carriers” do exist, this video addresses all aspects and arguments for and against mask wearing. 

Mask Facts: The Science & History of Masks in Medicine

I am confident if every policy maker and politician would watch this nearly 54 minute video, our society’s paradigm about masks would change overnight.

Thank you for reading my email. I honestly don’t want my name out there in public. I do not desire any notoriety. Every physician I know of who has anything positive to say about this pandemic has either been censored or had a smear campaign showered upon them. (Frankly, I’m too busy taking care of my family and my patients to deal with such a headache). So please do not disclose my name. 

Please consider sharing the above information with your audience, as it may help our society to get back to using common sense.


Hurry up and share this information before it gets canceled!

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