Pelosi Might Use Impeachment To Stop Trump Filling SCOTUS Vacancy?

Courtesy of ABC News

The idea of the Left utilizing any tactic necessary to try and keep the vacancy left by Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the U.S. Supreme Court is not a surprise at all. What is a surprise however is that Nancy Pelosi brought up something they have already tried against President Trump---IMPEACHMENT.

On what grounds would Democrats have to try and impeach a President for doing part of his duty and filling a vacancy on the Supreme Court? Is there a death clause that says President Trump can't fill the opening? Is there a timing clause that forbids him from doing it right before an election?

The answer to both of those questions is a resounding NO.

The Left is freaking out and they don't know how to respond to the fact that the 2016 election was going to have the possibility of having multiple Supreme Court Justice openings available to whomever won that election.

The Left lost and now they get to deal with those consequences. This is how a representative republic works people!

Elections have consequences and the Left wants to take their ball and go home while crying about the fact that they can't stop this from happening.

All the Left does is change the rules when they can't win the game they are playing. Perhaps if they were not so hapless they might actually get somewhere!

This is a bad idea and it would be reckless politics to try and win a game they have already lost.

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