Democrats Don't Know What Court Packing Actually Is

Filling vacancies on SCOTUS is not court packing. Why is this so hard to understand?

Former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt tried a tactic to expand the Supreme Court which failed and the term has been labeled as "court packing" ever since.

The Democrats as usual have no idea how to interpret law or how to interpret the meaning of at least half of the things they claim to know about as elected Government officials. Truly remarkable!

When a vacancy comes open on the SCOTUS it is the job of the current President of the United States to nominate and replace that Justice.

The Left is simply trying to backtrack and find new ways to get their agenda across even though they LOST the election in 2016 and they do not want to suffer the consequences of losing that election. What was the cost of that election?

Not just one nominee in SCOTUS but the potential for three which has come to pass!

They cannot win by the rules placed in front of them so now they want to change the rules. This is the behavior of petulant children who lost their spot in the sandbox with their favorite toy.

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