Biden's Cabinet Will Be Made Up Of Avengers!?

The Democrats are really excited about gaining some semblance of power and control back aren't they?

Joe Biden is already taking steps to get his team in place when his supposed time to ascend to the office of the President will come.

He is slowly but surely picking his Cabinet to "represent America." So I guess picking the best people for the job is less important than having a diverse representation of what "America" is.

There is also the claim that this Cabinet is going to be akin to "The Avengers." Let that sink in...

A group backing a corrupt organization filled with diversity but also filled with infighting, massive money issues and lofty ideas for how to control and dominate those they "serve and protect."

Maybe S.H.I.E.L.D and The Avengers is an appropriate analogy...for all the wrong reasons.

Chalk this is to more ineptitude from the Left trying to prop up a supposed victory where they can't even agree on how to lead correctly. This is feckless to say the least.

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