Gas Shortages Will Help Push People Towards Renewable Energy!?

The White House is once again showing their true colors when it comes to never letting a crisis go to waste.

The Colonial Pipeline was hacked allegedly by a Russian gang. Their formal response was that it was a "private issue" when commenting about the ransom being asked to reopen supply lines used by Colonial Pipeline.

When asked as a follow-up on how the gas shortages will impact the country Jennifer Granholm, The U.S. Energy Secretary, not only said we are in a supply crunch and not a gas shortage but also said that this is an opportunity for the country to push towards accepting renewable green energy as an alternative. This opportunity would be used to show that the impact of attacks such as the one used against Colonial Pipeline would be lessened.

This is using a crisis to push a narrative and an agenda! So one day they believe it is a private issue but then then the next they make it a public nationalized movement towards green energy!?

Calling this behavior duplicitous would be an understatement!

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