Democrat Senator Defends Membership To All-White Club!?

Courtesy of GoLocal Live

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) was asked about his membership to an All-White Club near one of his properties in Rhode Island. His response to being asked about it was stunning.

Whitehouse said, "There are many of them. We need to work our way through the issues."

That is about as nonchalant of an answer as you can get! Where is the mainstream media blasting Senator Whitehouse for this overt racism? What happened to the Democrat Party caring about systemic racism and teaching the next generations about the oppression that has befallen their brothers and sisters of color!?

Hypocrisy be thy name!

Do you know what this really proves? It proves that the Democrat Party truly does not care about systemic racism. They truly do not care about Critical Race Theory and they definitely do not care about holding anyone accountable on their side of the aisle.

If they can use something to prop up their narrative or their agenda they will use it and then move on to something else.

The Democrat Party is simply pathetic in their feeble attempts to deceive the American people into thinking they care about anything but themselves.

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