Biden: Agree With My Change Or Be Shunned Publicly

President Joe Biden desperately wants you to believe that voting rights must be protected against the constant attacks that recent legislation has put upon it.

The problem is that they view the topic of this legislation as restrictive rather than clarification. The bottom line is that if you are not a citizen of this country you cannot vote in our elections. The Democrats do not agree with that notion.

The Democrats will use anything at their disposal to get their message across with their own slice of bias to fit their narrative or prop up their agenda. They want you to FEEL as if they have the moral high ground not only on voting rights but their entire platform. If you dare go against them you go against their history and are labeled as whatever they want to essentially minimize your beliefs.

Joe Biden and the Democrats want you to feel bad for having a spine and to that I say---Stop The Madness!

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