Hacker Admits To GiveSendGo Tampering Of Convoy Truckers


The Left truly has some violent and angry people working for them. GiveSendGo was hacked and the hacker announced on a live stream that he was responsible for doxxing the freedom convoy truckers.

The act itself is heinous enough but to show no shame and actually be proud of this work is vile. Going into personal files from a donation website and making information available for people to take further action on private citizens is nothing short of evil.

If there is any takeaway from this that should be known is that this cannot be allowed to prevail. Freedom of thought and opinion used to be a staple of this country. Now if you disagree with the wrong people you can be threatened and harmed in every way imaginable.

Never give up the fight against people like this as they threaten our very way of life with their actions.

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