Kamala Goes To Poland And It Will Accomplish Nothing

Courtesy of CBS Miami

Vice President Kamala Harris was put in charge of something important yet again. The failure rate is likely going to be very high if not an absolute certainty.

She was made the "Border Czar" to help the crisis on the Southern Border. She instead went to Guatemala to see the root causes of migration and to help curtail those problems rather than address the direct crisis of the country she is the Vice President of.

Let us also take into account that any time she has been put on a platform to make a statement for the country it ends in a word salad of nothingness. She is not ready for prime time and has proven to be a vapid affirmative action choice for her position.

Now we get to Poland where she is visiting partners in NATO to serve as a strong presence of the United States to the rest of the world in the Russia/Ukraine conflict. There are thousands of refugees flooding out of Ukraine due to the chaos---will she take an expeditionary tour in and around the region to discover what root causes those people have for their migration?

The reality is that the Biden Administration is globally considered weak and feckless. Now add Kamala being the main figurehead to showcase that weakness and you have doubled down on your incompetence.

This will achieve absolutely nothing and will solve no existing problems and will likely cause even more.

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