Fauci: We Are Not In A Pandemic.

Courtesy of PBS NewsHour

The pandemic is over according to Dr. Anthony Fauci. This is the same man that is the face of "15 days to slow the spread." This is the man that told us not to all go out and get masks at the beginning. This is the man that at one point wanted to crush the virus and eradicate it from our planet knowing that that was an impossible task.

But NOW after 2+ years the pandemic phase is over and we can now begin to address the new challenges of health and public safety for the foreseeable future when it comes to this virus.

These are the type of people that want to believe they are the arbiters of truth when it comes to the virus when in reality all they have done is peddle lies and controlled how we function through fear and intimidation.

Please continue to not trust this man.

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