Identity Politics Is The Game Of The Left

Courtesy of Bloomberg Quicktake:Now

The new White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre wanted to make it very clear on her first day in her new position that she is going to be different. How is she going to be different? Well she is going to be different based on the color of her skin, who she chooses to love and the struggles she had to overcome as an immigrant.

That is right folks....she opened her first day on the job by stating that she is Black, Gay and an immigrant and that no one in this position has ever been any of those three.

Unfortunately now this means that that is all she will be recognized as. She will only be seen for the color of her skin rather than the content of her character by her own words.

The Democrats view themselves in such limited terms because they want you to think in such limited terms.

They don't actually want to have people that are qualified to do the job. They prefer to go the emotional route and go for the optics win and pass it off as an accomplishment.

Add this to the long list of pathetic behavior from the Left.

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