New York's Opening Salvo Against Guns

Courtesy of Fox 5 New York

The state of New York and its Governor Kathy Hochul has decided that they will take the first stand on gun law reform as many changes have been signed.

The first big change is the age limit being raised from 18 to 21 to purchase guns along with the licensing of any person who buys a semiautomatic rifle. Many other changes are coming as this adds to the slippery slope argument to come when it comes to restrictions and the overall attack on the 2nd Amendment.

These are likely to be heavily challenged in court and this is merely the start of what Democrats want. They want you to not enjoy the freedoms that the 2nd Amendment provides. They want you to know that they do not care about your rights. They only care about the power and control restricting your rights helps them.

More to come for sure but this is truly an opening salvo from the state of New York that infringes upon your rights.

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