Adorable Video Shows Bobcat Playing With Its Baby In Arizona Backyard

Photo: Getty Images

A bobcat and its baby were seen playing in an Arizona backyard on June 11th, and it was all captured in an adorable video. reported that the bobcat and its baby were caught on camera several times over the weekend playing together on Tucson's southeast side. The duo was spotted on June 11th and 12th between 5 and 6 a.m. by Tucson resident Tracie Robbins. Robbins shared the videos of the cute cats on Twitter.

Robbins said, "We may not see a bobcat for months, and then sometimes we'll have visitors for several days in a row." She explained that she noticed that a bucket of golf balls had been tipped over when she woke up and took that as a sign that the cats had come back to play on the putting green outside.

Check out the adorable video that Robbins posted on Twitter below:

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