White House Defends "Peaceful Protests" Of SCOTUS On Abortion.

The Biden White House wants to make something very clear---they are perfectly fine with protesting as long as it is deemed as "peaceful" and it fits their narrative.

If protesters want to speak their displeasure over the overturning of Roe v. Wade then by all means protest away.

However if there are protests against a person or an ideal they believe in well there must be some mistake and those people must be silenced!

Once again this also must be pointed out---we do not live in a Democracy we live in a Representative Republic!

So when White House Press Secretary openly admits that hypocrisy is the item on the menu for the Left well that is all the information you truly need. They do not care about what is right and wrong they only care about what is just and unjust when it comes to their dogma.

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