Los Angeles Is Scared Again. The Citizens Will Suffer For This.

Courtesy of FOX 11 Los Angeles

The fear is back and it is beginning again in another Left-leaning city known as Los Angeles. Health and Public Safety are once again the first priority in the city of angels as virus rates are spiking again.

So what is their solution? Bring back indoor mask mandates!

Is this really the beginning of another crisis or does this seem all too convenient?

The Democrats are struggling to find any answers for polls and overall discontent towards their leadership.

The country is simply over the fear that was spewed for two years yet here we go again with indoor mask mandates rearing their ugly head once again.

Have no fear everyone the Government thinks they know what is best for you once again!

I want to believe the American people have learned from the past few years and will not let actions take control of their lives all over again. But alas there will be sheep that will do what they are told and bow to their masters that claim to know what is best for you.

Fight back!

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