Here Are The Highest-Rated Chocolate Chip Cookies In Phoenix

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Thursday (August 4th) is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, so you have the perfect excuse to celebrate with a big, gooey, warm, chocolatey cookie.

So where is the best place to go in Phoenix to get cookies Yelp has a list of the best chocolate chip cookies in town, based on on reviews and ratings.

According to Yelp, the best place in Phoenix for getting some chocolate chip cookies is Uncle Biff's California Killer Cookies. The bakery has a four and a half stars with tons of great reviews. One Yelp user wrote a review about the restaurant, stating:

"Every since I stumbled upon this cookie shop, I haven't ventured off to any other. Their cookies are amazing!! What makes it even better are the staff! They're always so pleasant and have exceptional customer service."

According to Yelp, here are the top ten places in Phoenix to get chocolate chip cookies:

  1. Uncle Biff's California Killer Cookies
  2. Urban Cookies Bake Shop
  3. Baked Chemistry
  4. Sweeteez Sweets
  5. Mary's Mountain Cookies
  6. Cookie Brokers Bakery of Phoenix
  7. The Cookie House
  8. Chunk Cookies
  9. Dirty Dough
  10. Cinnaholic

Click here to see the full list of restaurants.

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