These Arizona Hikes All Lead To Breathtaking Ancient Ruins

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Arizona is known for having great hiking trails.

Hiking is not only for having fun. It's a great way to escape everyday troubles, get some exercise in, and see sights you wouldn't normally get to see.

Arizona has some trails that lead to some beautiful ancient ruins. Only In Your State compiled a list of 12 hiking trails in the state that lead to ruins.

These hiking trails are for all different ability levels and are different lengths. So whether you're a beginner looking for a short hike or an expert looking for an all-day adventure, there's something for you.

Here are 12 hikes in Arizona that lead to ancient ruins, according to Only In Your State:

  1. Besh-ba-Gowah Archaeological Park
  2. Canyon de Chelly National Monument: White House Ruins 
  3. Fort Bowie National Historic Site
  4. Mogollon Rim: Aspen Springs Cabin
  5. Navajo National Monument: Betatakin
  6. Navajo National Monument: Keet Seel
  7. Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness: Secret Cabin
  8. Tuzigoot National Monument: Pueblo ruins
  9. Tonto National Monument: Lower Dwelling
  10. Tonto National Monument: Upper Dwelling
  11. Walnut Canyon National Monument
  12. Wupatki National Monument

These hikes range from simple half-mile trips to 17-mile treks.

Check out Only In Your State to learn more about these hikes.

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