Arizona's Infamous Jaguar Seen Alive & Well In Mexico After 7 Years

Photo: Getty Images

There is only one known jaguar living in the United States and it's name is El Jefe. The jaguar typically lives in Arizona, but it has recently been spotted in Mexico.

12 News reported that El Jefe's whereabouts hadn't been known for seven years. But according to the Center for Biological Diversity, it was seen alive and well in Mexico on August 4th.

The jaguar was spotted in central Sonora, 120 miles south of his last Arizona sighting. According to experts, El Jefe was born sometime around 2010. The experts who spotted him say he seems to be in great condition.

So will he return home to Arizona?

Chris Bugbee, a scientist with the Conservation CATalyst said, "We know he’ll need to leave the breeding population eventually, and when he does it’s reasonable to expect him to head back home to Arizona. Perhaps he’ll return to live out his golden years in the Santa Rita Mountains."

Check out the video of El Jefe that was shared by Conservation CATalyst on Facebook below:

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