Unusual Sink Inside Arizona Home For Sale Has People's Heads Turning

Photo: Getty Images

Bathroom sinks aren't usually the first thing I look at when buying a house. But the sink inside of one Arizona mansion has people's heads turning.

The Ledger-Inquirer reported that a mansion in Scottsdale hit the market for $12.5 million. But the real star of the show is a very unusual bathroom sink.

Hidden in one bathroom of the massive eight-bedroom, 10-bathroom home is a sink that appears to be made of stone. It resembles like a peaceful waterfall that ends at a sink that looks like a coy pond. The whole thing is even complete with small orange painted fish to match the illusion.

Check out the unusual sink below:

The property has a pool with a two-story slide and a swim-up bar, a cinema, and a spa.

And if that wasn't enough, the mansion's Zillow listing states that the property is complete with, "Two distinct guest houses each with their own separate living room, ensuite bedroom, dedicated kitchen & laundry; each guest house has their own single car garage for total independence. 10 car garage (8 car garage for main home) with ample storage and a recently installed dog run for our canine family members."

See more photos of the jaw-dropping mansion below:

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