Here's Where To Get The Best Crepes In Phoenix

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Crepes can make the perfect meal! You can fill them with gooey, sweet chocolate, savory meats and cheeses, or simple fresh fruits making them absolutely prefect for any time of day.

They're so good that there's a whole day dedicated to them. February 2nd is National Crepe Day!

Yelp compiled a list of restaurants to get the highest-rated crepes in the city. According to the list, the best place in Phoenix to get crepes is Peace Cream. The eatery has tons of great reviews. One Yelp user wrote:

"The ice cream and crepe were as good as the customer service! So friendly upon arrival and while we enjoyed our yummy goodness of ice cream and Nutella and banana crepe! We were even given samples that were quite tasty! I have to say my favorite was the coffee ice cream! The crepe was made fresh and so delicious. The ice cream was so smooth and creamy! This is definitely a place to go especially if you are having an ice cream craving! Sooo good! We shall return."

Here are the top 10 highest-rated places in the city to get crepes:

  1. Peace Cream
  2. Red Canyon Cafe
  3. The Bread and Honey House Arcadia
  4. El Cafezito
  5. Original Breakfast House
  6. Cafe Paris French Bistro & Catering
  7. Butters Pancakes & Café- Hayden Rd
  8. Sweet Desert Cafe
  9. Paris Rendez-Vous
  10. Colados Coffee & Crepes

Check out the full list of places to get the best crepes in the city on Yelp's website.

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