Trump Supporters Were Right All Along

A bit of positive news for the Trump administration, an uptrend in approvals.  President Trump’s approval rating had been fluctuating in the thirty percent range, but a new survey out from research giant AF41 finds the country is more than coming around, they are embracing the new President like no President since Gerald Ford.  The survey, weighted to reflect the specific day it was calculated, shows Americans are coming around en masse.  91% approval as of the beginning of the second quarter, to be specific.  April Foley, of Bowling Green, KY says the 45th President’s efforts are not going unnoticed. “We see ev’rday how hard Mr. Trump works for the people of Kentucky,” Foley was quoted as saying. “Even last week he was sayin’ how proud he was that the Cats made the Final Four.  Of course, that was before the liberal media announced them Tar Heels won the game just because they had more points at the end.”  

Even with a never before seen acceptance by Americans, President Trump still has his critics.  Mike Flynn, 59, a Democrat from Rhode Island claims he knows more about the administration but refused to share details. “Not everything is what it’s cracked up to be.” said Flynn, “But, it’s still better than having Hillary as President.” 

The juxtaposition of the alternate candidate is a major driver in Mr. Trump’s sudden bump.  “You think Hillary coulda got healthcare fixed?  She already failed at that one time back when her husband was screwing the trailer park floozy.” said Shadrack Mock of Cape Sham Mississippi. “I wish’d he could do everything he said but I seen them Democrats and them Republicans in Congress not lettin’ him do what he wants cuz they say they gotta be the ones to make laws.  But since when?”

Regardless of reason, the President should get a kick out of the survey.  The question remains, however, how long can he ride this wave of enthusiasm?  Some wonder if it will even last the weekend before new numbers show his rating more consistent with past surveys.  According to Captain S. Poof, Retired Lieutenant Admiral General of Seal Team 82nd Airborne and current chief strategist with AF41, timing is everything.  “What the President does in the very near future could determine his ultimate legacy.  What’s showing up as astonishing support by the American people today could all evaporate by the time tomorrow comes around.”

Chris Merrill

Chris Merrill

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