500-Year-Old Skeleton Found Still Wearing Boots

Archaeologists monitoring a construction project along England's famed  Thames River were surprised to find a 500-year-old skeleton of a man who  was buried while still wearing his boots. The odd discovery was reportedly made as workers were excavating in an area of London known as  Bermondsey. Thanks to the unique nature of the skeleton's unexpected and  surprisingly durable footwear, researchers were able to discern a bit  more about the individual.

According to an expert at the Museum of London Archaeology, the man's  leather boots date back to the turn of the 16th century and would have  been considered "highly prized" at the time. As such, they theorize that  the man most likely would not have been intentionally buried with them  on and that, therefore, his death was probably the result of some kind  of tragic accident. Given that the boots were designed to reach the  man's thighs, they also propose that he "made his living from the river"  as either a fisherman or someone who scavenged for materials in the  mud.

More on this fascinating story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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