Behind the Scenes: Take a tour of Mercury Studios


Glenn's sets for radio, TV and the podcast really pop on screen and that's where all the magic happens. But have you ever wondered what it looks like behind the scenes and where the magic is tinkered with and mastered before going on air or online? Today is your lucky day. Come take a tour of Mercury Studios, home of Glenn Beck and Blaze Media.

Come on in!

nullThere's nothing boring about these studios.

nullGoing up?

nullSlaying it, one giant at a time.

nullIf you have to wait, at least you'll be comfortable.

nullThe grand hallway.

nullA robot, liberty tree and Glenn Beck — all in one place.

nullThe 'Think Tank'

nullInside the 'Think Tank.'

nullDon't worry, that's just an old school camera, not a death laser.

nullThe people behind the scenes.

nullYup, that's the big guys office across the hall.

nullWARNING: Recording in progress

nullWhat, you don't have a robot sentry guarding your work?

Let's take a look on set.

nullWhere the magic happens.

null4 Minute Buzz set with a glimpse of TV.

nullGlenn and the crew prepping for TV.

nullWhat the podcast set looks like when the lights go down.

nullInside the control room.

nullIf this radio thing fails, maybe GB can go into interior decorating.

nullProbably the coolest office in the world.

nullInside GB's office.

nullJust meeting with Tim Ballard, no big deal.

nullYes, we do have access to a submarine in case of flooding.

nullIs it too early to put Christmas up?

nullThanks for coming!

nullAnother day in the books.

nullGoodnight Mercury Studios.


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