MLK AND VIRGINIA: Gov. Northam destroying 2nd amendment, citizens fighti...


< br />Martin Luther King Jr. gave his life fighting for Constitutional freedoms. He dedicated his life to reminding Americans that no man, woman, or child should be treated differently. And despite the violent threats he received every single day, MLK was denied a gun permit. Government didn't agree he needed one, and local law enforcement told him to rely on THEIR provisions for safety, instead. Now, Virginians are facing the same 2nd Amendment erosion. Governor Northam -- and the majority Democrats in the state House and Senate -- have been enacting gun control measures at record speeds, DESPITE what the people of Virginia want. So, in a PEACEFUL rally, the citizens of Virginia are fighting back. And yet, the media remains silent. Would the mainstream media cover the story if a Republican-controlled state was trying to reduce first amendment rights?

This article originally appeared on Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

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