Mike broomhead and Sen John McCain

“I thought the best way to begin this travel back this long road back is to come be on your show first.”

Sen. John McCain joined The Mike Broomhead Show for his first interview since being diagnosed with glioblastoma, an aggressive type of brain cancer. Sen McCain kicked off the interview on a nostalgic note saying, “There have been times where you have been my critic. There have been times when you haven’t been.....but you’ve always been honest.“

The diagnosis hasn’t stopped Arizona’s senior senator. 

“Everything that you would hate to eat or drink” talking about his diet after starting his treatment. “it has to taste bad ...and it has to be healthy neither of which have been priorities in my life.” 

The Senator says it’s a tough challenge, but he is feeling fine and will be ready to get back to work in September. The Senator says his schedule hasn’t changed and the best thing he can do is stay busy.

Sen. McCain returned to the Senate last week and cast his no vote against the “skinny repeal” of the affordable healthcare act. McCain said “we didn’t have a plan “ and that he wanted a full committee, amendments, and debate to fix the ACA because “that’s what the Senate is suppose to be.” He is confident that is all can get done after the recess and before the middle of September

Listen to the full interview below: