Report: Arizona #redfored leader is a " Democratic Operative"

The Washington Free Beacon has posted a pieces about Noah Karvelis who is a teacher and part of the leadership for the Arizona #RedforEd movement. 

The piece focuses on the political history of Karvelis. It has been well documented the Karvelis is the  campaign manager for local Democrat Kathy Hoffman. Hoffman is running for Arizona State Superintendent. 

The Washington Free Beacon points out the deeper political involvement. 

Karvelis was connected with Hoffman through work he was doing for a group called Run for Something, which was founded by Amanda Litman, a Democratic campaign veteran who was most recently email director for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential run.

Karvelis worked as a "candidate concierge" for the group, which aims to "build a Democratic bench for the future" by supplying down-ballot progressives with resources most small campaigns lack. Hoffman came to him when she heard that he was working for Run for Something.

"She reached out because I had a Facebook post out about Run For Something," Karvelis explained in an email. "She is a first time candidate and wanted to learn about that program. We talked for a while about running for office, then she later asked for help collecting signatures and small things like that."

Karvelis also had a connection to the Bernie Sanders campaign 

A public résumé for Karvelis says he also began working last year as an organizer for Knock Every Door, a group formed in January 2017 by Bernie Sanders campaign alums led by the woman who built his national field operation. The group planned to do "deep canvassing" across the country and share the data it collects to local candidates across the country, according to Mother Jones.

Karvelis volunteered for the Sanders campaign in 2016, according to his résumé, but he insists his work for Knock Every Door was "not for a candidate or an agenda."

Noah Karvelis downplayed his political ties and the teacher's movement. 

"There is a lot of focus on me right now, but the group is over 42,000 members (many of which are conservative) who play a major role in our decisions," he said, adding that he is just one member of a nine-person leadership team each with equal voting power.

Read the full article from the Washington Free Beacon

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