Report: 70% of Arizona Education Association Money go to Salaries has a report about the Arizona Education Association and how they spend their money. The piece says that on average 70% of the money collected goes to union officials salaries and not fighting to increase the pay of Arizona teachers. 

Those same records bring into question precisely what these underpaid teachers are getting in exchange for all of the union dues they pay to the AEA. They take in plenty of money, but that union doesn’t appear to be spending very much of it on working to get better compensation and benefits for their members. In fact, almost three-quarters of their revenue goes directly into salaries and other compensation for their officers like Joe, along with operating expenses.

Joe Thomas from #redfored and the President of the Arizona Education Association was singled out noting the he has been paid over $400K since 2011. 

But do you know who’s not doing so badly in the personal finance area? Joe Thomas. He’s not scraping by on a teacher’s salary but is instead paid by the union. And that turns out to be a pretty lucrative gig. Thomas received more than $400K in compensation from 2011 through 2016 according to the union’s publicly published finance records. Good work if you can get it.

The blog post asked the question how does the AEA fight got teacher salaries when they spend most of their money on their own people. 

If you’re spending up to 70% of your budget on compensation for your union officials, how much of your resources can you possibly be putting into supporting and defending your union members? While the teachers remain out on strike demanding more cash from the taxpayers (and an increase is certainly not an unreasonable demand), perhaps they could use some of their free time to talk to Joe about exactly where their dues money is going.

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